"Stalling" - the short film produced through the inaugural 2019 Future Creatives Initiative and Nik James' winning script, is a coming of age short film about Eva who upon the discovery that everyone on the planet has suddenly disappeared, decides that the only rational solution is to jump off a cliff. Frankie makes her question this decision, forcing her to come to terms with her fear of being vulnerable and her need to belong.


Film Production Company: Taival Films


Director: Olivia Altavilla
Writer: Nik James
Producer: Georgie Davies
Cinematographer: Nicoletta Centofanti
Casting Manager: Mud Vonkip
Production Managers: Jemma Douglas, George Macfarlane

Production Assistants: Samantha Phelps, Zemmy Lee

1st Assistant Director: Clare Wood
1st Assistant Camera: Rianna Valdes
2nd Assistant Camera: Kevin Cheong
Gaffer: Evie Dartnell
Clapperloader: Giovanni Oliva
Post-Production Supervisor: C.K. Michael
Editor: Louise Mullins
Assistant Editor: Kate MacDonald
Colourist: James Mitchell
VFX-artist: Monty Burgess
Production Designer: Hayley James
Assistant Production Designer: Phoebe Giffard
Sound Recordists: Jan Wong, Isabelle Pelle, Mig Artugue
Hair and Make-Up Artist: Sandylee Armstrong
Location Sound Supervisors: Mig Artugue, Daisy Nduta
Sound Desig & mix: Jan Wong, Isabelle Pelle, Mig Artugue
Composer: Mig Artugue
Safety Officer On Set: Reg Roordink, Paul Lightfoot
Creative Producers: Heidi Ylä-Ajos, Melisa Visca
Script Editor: Scout Cripps


Camille Gerrard as “Eva”

Perry MoonKey as “Frankie”


Sponsored by: 

Melbourne Women in Film Festival

SAE Creative Media Institute, Melbourne

Miguel Artugue

Offshoot Rentals