Taival Films Campaign. 



Three shortlisted Screenwriters were delegated their own Mentor after the MWFF Award Ceremony in February 2019.

The Mentors coached their Screenwriter to polish their scripts over a two month period (March 1st to April 31st). The final judging round of the shortlisted scripts took place at the end of April, 2019.

The winner -Nik James- had her script "Stalling" developed into a short film by Taival Films in July 2019, and it will premiere at MWFF in 2020!


We were so very proud to have an amazing team of three Screenwriters and Filmmakers as our Screenwriting Mentors, who supported the three shortlisted writers to polish their scripts over the course of a two-month period, in our 'Screenwriter Mentoring Program'.

We were pleased to have the following professionals on board:

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